You can check that you are in your best position of each position easily by assessing the quality of your breath.

Full and proper breathing will help you to remain calm and in control of your position set-up and activity. It will also deliver an increased supply of oxygen through your blood and into your problem muscles which will help them to release tension and relax.

Short breathing, fast breathing, or chest breathing is commonly identified in people with muscular pain and in many cases it has been the cause of the problem because it tightens the chest which pulls the shoulders forward, places strain on the back, and pushes the tummy forward.

Each breath you take should be long, slow and even, about 4 seconds each way in and out. As you learn and master the program you will find you are most likely able to breathe 10-15 seconds in and out. This is because the formula expands and improved the lung capacity and function. It slows down a racing mind and brings you back to a state of peace and awareness.

When you are physically and mentally relaxed breathing this way is achievable. When you make a point of breathing this way you become physically and mentally relaxed. Funny that!

Position extensions are only available during the exhale process when our muscle is in its most relaxed state. We need to be able to recognise these regularities so we can maximize our options.

A practice tip to help you breathe correctly:  

Imagine you are wearing an inflatable ring around your hips. As you inhale, visualize it filling up slowly deeply and evenly with air, and then imagine it is deflating at the same relaxed pace as you exhale to empty all of the air from the ring. Our lungs are simply muscles after all, that also require our attention.


When you are breathing correctly, you will be in the best place for understanding the next principle, which is to ‘Relax’.

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