Ensure you are 100% comfortable in every position

Your personal position of each exercise position MUST promote NO PAIN and that means no physical strain on the body or mental concern. If your mind is tight your muscles will also be tight so set yourself up to practice the exercises where you can relax your mind and body without the fear of being interupted.

Put soothing music on if necessary, or exercise beside your water fountain to help your mind and body to fully relax.

Make sure you understand all aspects of the exercise position before beginning practice and adjust each position as necessary to remain inside your personal comfort range where you can relax, stay relaxed as you work-out, and progress.

Being comfortable and not straining or pushing yourself beyond your natural comfort level is very important. Over the years I have worked with may athletes and sports enthusiasts and dancers who have been convinced that effort and pain equals results. This is not true. They had developed tight dysfunctional muscles that needed to be relaxed out like layers of an onion before they could advance. The hardest task has always been teaching people to identify their comfort range from which to work outwards from. It’s worth spending the time to fully understand this principle because it is the only way in which to see reliable results.

Always remember you are the only one who knows where your comfort ends and pain begins. No one else can find this edge for you. This is why watch me copy me exercise programs/classes can be a real waste of time. You have a unique body with skeletal rotations and muscular misbalances that are unique to you, and need correcting. This program will help you to identify and address the corrections needed, but you will only recognise them when you start from a position of true comfort.

Learn to listen to your body and nurture it with conscious positioning and movement that is considerate of its range and limitations. This is what I mean by ensuring you are comfortable in every position. Don’t force anything. If you are that tight that you don’t know what comfort feels like anymore (yes this can be common) … you are better off to start back from your edge (back from your current range of motion) and to work comfortably up to it, than to push your positions to your edge and work into them. This will make more sense as you begin practice.


When comfortable, you will be in the best place for understanding the next principle, which is ‘Movement’.

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