Roy, Christchurch

The exercises are fantastic. I tried the first one which I’m doing all the time now. I had a bit of trouble at first getting in touch with my pelvic floor muscles so a friend helped me to understand what the book was saying. I’m much more relaxed, and sleeping deeper. Its like a miracle from just one simple thing…I seem to be in a new zone!! I want to take this further. I feel I may need help to get into the other exercises but for now it’s a start and I’m feeling so much better.

Louise Sneyd, UK

I am getting on well with the programme exercises which are gentle but effective and especially good for me at my age (48). Improvements include: the muscles at the top of my legs are much more comfortable, I have feeling all through my legs to my feet, I now go to the loo less (back to the normal amount) and the slight incontinence is gone. I am much healthier inside, as it was very painful in there – now it feels healthy again. I am starting with the shaping and am feeling more toned in my uterus/ tummy area (I’ll get there). I like the elongation which I use through the day when I would otherwise be slouching! And I like making room in the sockets which increases my flexibility. And I feel taller. So I am very happy with the programme. Thank you.

Lisa, Australia

OK – Feedback now that I’ve started FutureGym! Ouch, but also amazing. I started the preparation exercises and found that my body was fairly well in alignment. I have to admit though, afterwards I did feel a bit looser in the joints which was good. So, I moved onto the transformation exercises. After two sessions we noticed a difference in my thighs! More importantly though, I noticed that immediately after finishing the exercise my whole body felt so limber it was as if I had had a good remedial massage session. I felt like I was walking on air. I really love FG!

Carole, Tennessee

Next week my husband and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary! I keep getting smaller and the best part is that I keep getting firmer too. I had a small goal to be back into the clothes I love by our anniversary, and that’s already done. We live on the third floor of our building and I have also noticed that I’m not tired anymore when I have to go up and down for laundry and to take the dog out for walks.

C. Mannings, Dunedin

I’ve been struggling with incontinence for the last 7 years. I’ve tried many products and methods without success. Since starting the FutureGym program I noticed an immediate improvement. FutureGym’s pelvic floor method is more specific than all other routines I’ve tried. The exercises have made an enormous difference. Why did my Doctor not tell me about FutureGym? – Shame on our medical system.

Jamie Cole, USA

Thank you so much for making your program available to the public, I have been enjoying your system for 6 months now and absolutely love it! I am a certified Pilates Instructor and own a Pilates studio. I feel your exercises so much more deeply than I feel my Pilates, and after doing your exercises, have no lower back pain. I honestly feel that FutureGym is less complicated and is felt and results attained quicker. I love, love, love Pilates, but FutureGym is just different and more to the point!

Owen B, New Zealand

Just a short note to express my gratitude and thanks for putting my body back on track especially after being told by Doctors that I had, after looking at x-rays, degeneration of the spine from years of abuse and nothing short of an operation to fuse my spine would give me some pain relief. It was with some skepticism that I indulged in a session with you using FutureGym techniques. After only 2 session and with exercises you gave me to do at home, I can honestly say I have no back discomfort whatsoever and when I feel something coming on you have given me the tools and knowledge to relax and stretch into my problem areas. I truly find it amazing how something as simple and easy to do can have such a profound effect on ones pain areas and general well-being. Once again I am indebted to you.

Carole, USA

I am not only pulling in dramatically, but my posture is noticeably better and my walk is more graceful. My shoulders are back and my head is high. I feel like every move I make is propelled from the pelvic floor, just like the exercises are. I just can’t say enough about Future Gym. It’s by far the most effective program I have ever tried! I dislocated my right hip last summer and damaged the sciatic nerve, (mopping the kitchen, no less!) and my doctor told me that I was naturally predisposed to that sort of thing because of the way my hip joints are configured. He also told me that after I dislocated it once, I would be more apt to have that sort of injury again. I have had a random pinching “catch” in that hip on and off since that injury. I have always had a very good range of flexibility, but after hurting that hip, it has diminished. This week I have had no catch or at all! My flexibility is amazing and I don’t have to stop and be extra careful with that hip because of the pinch. For the first time in a year, I can not only touch my toes effortlessly, but I can lay my palms flat on the floor! I am into my FutureGym routine and loving every minute of it!

Joanne, Christchurch NZ

FutureGym saved my life! In October 2005 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident where a Harley Davidson hit me from behind while I was riding my bicycle. As a result of this accident I suffered two broken vertebrae in the thoracic region of my back, as well as other injuries. At the time I was a mother to a 4 year old boy, 2 year old girl and a 6 month baby girl. This was a very difficult time given I was not allowed to bend, lift or carry anything for at least the first 8 weeks until the bones had healed. It was in fact 10 weeks later that I first lifted my baby girl into my arms. She was two and a half months older and about 2kg heavier! I worked extremely hard at my personal rehabilitation program during those first 12 weeks, however the pain seemed to be getting worse and the rounding through my upper back was hideous leaving my posture looking like I was a little old lady. I was at this point in pain 24 x 7 with no strength at all when it came to lifting my baby girl, and that’s when a friend recommended FutureGym. After my first session I noticed immediate benefits. The program has literally changed my life. After one month I was totally pain free during the day and my posture had improved significantly. For the last month I have been totally pain free day and night and have regained the cm’s I lost through the compression fractures. I am straighter than ever before. FutureGym has strengthened and toned my body and has enabled me to once again carry out my day to day activities with the kids with full functionality. I cannot express the sincere thanks and gratitude I have for you and your amazing formula Pip!

SSGT Ritchie Ewins, NZ Defence Force

In 1996 I was unfortunate enough to be involved in a serious climbing accident that caused me serious lower limb injuries. My injuries consisted of a shattered right humerus, two shattered ankles, and one shattered left tibia and fibula. Through tough rehabilitation and due to my fitness I was able to walk again approximately one year later. Over my rehabilitation period I developed a limp which tended to favour my left side which caused me serious back pain. Being a fitness expert I tried to correct this problem through staying as fit and healthy as I could. It helped but it never completely relieved my lower back pain. After an introduction to the Future Gym programme I noticed a very positive difference in that I no longer suffered from lower back pain. What a huge difference flexibility exercises combined with strength training, correct body alignment and breathing techniques have done. The exercise program was easy to follow. I started at a basic level and moved up to a more advanced level as my ability increased. In the past I would have turned my nose up at such a program however, this is to be the case no longer. This program now plays a big part of my daily living and has become paramount in providing me with a healthy pain free life style. As a Military Physical Trainer my job is to develop the physical fitness of soldiers in order for them to be “Fit to Fight”. Given time and further education the “FutureGym Concept” could be adopted into the military as an effective means to successfully rehabilitate soldiers and civilians both physically and mentally. On a personal note I would like to thank you Pip for taking my needs into consideration and showing me the way forward. You encouraged me to look outside the tunnel into a whole new fitness realm. The FutureGym Concept is the future and I will continue to recommend it to everyone I know.

Dr. Christopher Barnett, Chiropractor

Philippa Coory presented this programme to me early March 2004, asking if I could evaluate it with respect to its value for chiropractors and/or chiropractic patients. The best way to evaluate a programme like this is to try it yourself. This I have done. I have found it very helpful. On a personal note the programme has altered my body shape for the better – taken it away from where it doesn’t belong and put it where it should be. On a professional note I have found that this exercise programme undertaken correctly can have massive benefits to individual chiropractic patients. Rather than a whole programme many of the exercises when taught correctly can be applied individually for specific patient needs. The other major benefit of the programme is that the exercises can be done in the comfort of one’s own home without the need to join a gym. The exercises involve NO unsafe strain on the body, no outside force is applied and expensive ancillary equipment is unnecessary. I highly recommend that you try the programme yourself.

Mary Murdoch, Physiotherapist

I am blown away by the outstanding results from this programme. First of all I have reach-ability I didn’t know I possessed. My stomach which I had given up all hope on after 3 C-Sections is 50% flatter than it was. This programme is fast. It has taken some effort to get an hour in a day but I can say happily I am addicted. Your book has been an invaluable aid. You appear to have included every possible pointer to focus on different parts of the body to perfect the exercise. Your way of teaching pelvic floor muscles is far more practical than anything I have ever done before with patients and ante natal classes. I thought mine were good until I had done a week of pelvic floor pulses and pelvic floor engaging. I am very keen on the teacher training. Thank you again for the weekend.

Louise Kelly, Physiotherapist

It is exciting to find an exercise program that is so effective, has so many applications and is very safe. I am qualified to teach Pilates but recommend FutureGym because of its effectiveness. FutureGym works on core control, addresses stability, strength and flexibility. While applicable to all, I see it being particularly beneficial for 40% of the female population with impaired pelvic floor function, pre and post natal, people with lower back conditions and the corporate area where stress and extended hours are creating a number of unique problems. This is definitely the exercise of choice for anyone wanting the most effective and complete program that addresses flexibility, toning and strength.

Laurel, Sydney

Since your workshop it’s been like learning a whole new language even though I had been religiously practicing Callanetics out of my beloved “10 Years Younger in 10 Hours” book for the last two years, I have since found that now I know what the pelvic floor muscles are that I am using them throughout the duration of the exercises. Each time I refer to your FutureGym program I find something new I didn’t notice before which I now incorporate into my routine. I have seen such wonderful results in a matter of 5-6 sessions. I’m about to get myself pulsating into yet another marvelous session.

Joanne, Sydney

I have seen an amazing transformation in toning in particular in my abs and legs – put quite simply I am ecstatic!!! I also feel a lot stronger all over, having done Astanga (Power) yoga for the past three years, I am seeing more benefits from 5 weeks of FutureGym exercises. Thanks for introducing me to the program.

Tina, Sydney

FutureGym has added motivation and I have lost weight and gained energy. The cramping in my legs and feet has disappeared. My agility at 54 has taken me back to feeling as flexible as I was at 30. The discipline, meditation and general ambience has been wonderful psychologically. I feel it is the perfect answer for people of all ages and is more scientific and medically geared for the body.

Jennifer, Sydney

After suffering a major whiplash and then fracturing my neck in another automobile accident 12 years later, the racket sports I’d enjoyed and most other forms of exercise caused me pain. It was a challenge to finding a form of exercise that did not reactive the back and neck pain and allowed me to build strength. I tried Yoga and weights with little success. Pilates didn’t cause pain, but since starting FutureGym exercises my body has found new levels of strength and is better toned than it has been for years. Even if I do a session feeling tired after a long day, I end up relaxed and energized.

Bruce, Sydney

I’ve not been one to stick to a gym routine in the past, but with FutureGym exercises my body has changed, my posture has improved and my muscles have become defined. I am now standing taller and I am leaner and toned, feeling fitter and invigorated with more energy.

Louise, Sydney

I have had a long history of back problems and neck stiffness and have had a great deal of physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments over the years. I have found that the FutureGym exercises have reduced my pain. I feel strong and more flexible and I walk better. Neck stiffness has improved and I can ease myself out of pain with the exercises.

Katrina, Sydney

After only four classes friends have noticed and mentioned that I was slimming. Whilst I hadn’t changed eating habits and hadn’t lost weight. My muscles had begun to tone and subsequently reshape my body. My husband commented on the six-pack that had begun to form and the strengthened pelvic floor muscles were also noticeably tighter increasing sexual stimulation for both of us.

Paula, Sydney

FutureGym has improved my flexibility with results evident after only 6 sessions. My back pain has reduced significantly. These two things alone are an incredible relief to me – in fact liberating. FutureGym in my opinion is far safer and more effective than any other exercise I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot.

Summer, Sydney

It’s surprising how deep you work and as a result you feel stronger and healthier after each class. It’s definitely beneficial for me. I was originally unsure if FutureGym would improve my shape but I am more toned, slimmer and stronger. I also feel I walk, sit and sleep with better posture due to an increased awareness of correct techniques.

Craig, Sydney

If you have a body, then you need FutureGym. This method of exercise that supports, strengthens and lengthens muscle does it all. After the first 1-hour I could feel the difference. After the 3rd I could see the differences in my body. By my tenth session I was fitting into clothes that I had not been able to wear for years. The system has enabled me to play better tennis and be more agile and stronger when I am sailing and surfing. I have always had relatively weak stomach muscles and this has affected my life. Back pain and lack of internal strength would always slow me up. But now I can stand for long lengths of time just by giving my body the correct alignment from the exercises. I get no back pain and very little fatigue. You can do the exercises anywhere and no one will know. Show me what other exercise plan covers the vital area of the Prostate and Men’s sexual health. …None that I have seen. I used to spend hours a week punishing myself at a traditional gym trying to get to that level of fitness that fades out when you don’t go 3 times a week. I would watch late night telly looking for that miracle product that was supposed to change my life. If this is you, forget it, save your money and change your life by learning the FutureGym program.