Move slowly with fluid precision

As you get into position and adjust your positions while exercising, the FutureGym 3D Callanetics exercise program requires you to move in triple-slow motion.

Moving slowly and consciously with fluid precision will allow you to retain full brain and muscle connection so you recognise and are able to isolate your muscles that need reconditioning.

Moving in triple-slow motion will also help you to identify where your pain zone is and to find the starting point of your working range where you will be 100% comfortable.

Your starting point for is called ‘Your Edge’. We touched on this on the last page. You’ll recognise it at about 85% of your full range or 15% away from any pain zone.

Another way of finding your edge is to move slowly into position so you can identify when your pain or tightness of range wants to kick in and then ease your position off a little so it doesn’t get the chance of tightening or what I call ‘kicking in’.

Position adjustments may be required and may become available during practice, however you’ll only recognize these are available to you when you’re moving slowly.

Racing into position will only aggravate your problem muscles and keep you in pain, so avoid the speed to success attitude at all costs.


When you move slow with fluid precision, you will be in the best place for understanding the next principle, which is ‘Breathe’.

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