Visual Motor Rehearsal Benefits


The FutureGym program promotes whole-of-body brain-muscle signal response behavioural improvement development. Following repetitive practice you can access and retain the conditioning of every muscle in your body simply by just thinking about the muscle. As amazing as this sounds… the development of the brain-muscle connection through FutureGym’s advanced motor-relearning process is that effective.

This makes FutureGym an intelligent lifestyle choice suitable for practice throughout the aging process. It means we can retain strength and conditioning purely by thinking about exercise, and practice positions from our mental memory to stimulate our muscle memory.

FutureGym shows us there are three ways in which brain-muscle memory can be stimulated to both develop and retain Visual Motor Rehearsal (VMR):

  • Visualization of FutureGym exercise practice stimulates the exact same muscle response behaviour.
  • Watching someone else perform FutureGym exercises that are familiar to us stimulates our exact same muscle response behaviour.
  • Using our voice to describe muscle engagement and activity that is occurring when we practice FutureGym exercise stimulates our exact same muscle response behaviour. (This is a tremendous bonus for people teaching FutureGym exercise).

The dynamics of muscular memory and performance development from visualization and mental memory techniques are not unique to FutureGym. In the 1980s and 90s, Dr. Denis Waitley implemented a program he called ‘Visual Motor Rehearsal’ into the United States Olympics program. He found that when an athlete competed in an event only in their mind that the same muscle-nerve reaction in the body occurred as when they did their event in real life. Waitley’s research confirmed that the mind cannot tell the difference between an actual ‘real-life’ event and an ‘imagined’ one. FutureGym confirms this to be true.

FutureGym is very unique from an exercise program perspective in that it teaches us how to condition every muscle in our body ‘individually’ through the promotion of repetitive motor-relearning. No other fitness program operates at this advanced level or delivers as many practice benefits. The result from FutureGym’s repetitive motor-relearning practice means that you can run through a workout routine in your mind and strengthen and condition every muscle in your body. Very impressive!

Just imagine where this fitness technology might lead if more people used FutureGym’s effective brain-muscle reprogramming system with its precision accuracy to keep their bodies in strong functional condition through illness and health. It sheds a hope of new light onto all hospital beds and into every retirement village and senior citizens home.

Understanding and appreciating the potential of the FutureGym program and its unmatched ability to develop the brain-muscle connection can only come from program practice. Prior to this you can only imagine it. Once you feel it however, you cannot deny it.

So where might FutureGym practice lead you? …That all depends on you.

When you recognize the unique value of the FutureGym program and put time into learning and practicing it, everything mentioned here will be yours. You will switch on the strong dynamic tiger-feeling that is inherent in every human being.