Covid Recovery

Covid and Covid Injectables have been introducing an unique number of health concerns worldwide. More than two years into things, a large number of medical papers have now been published highlighting the ‘Virus’ impact on peoples health and Covid vaccine side effects. Some of the more common findings have included oxidative stress in the cells, reduced oxygen levels in the blood (leading to restricted blood flow, blood clots, poor circulation and numbness), nerve and muscular pain (including chest pain), hypoxia, anxiety, heart attacks, and in some of the more severe cases, stroke.

As someone who has practiced data analytics and taught natural health and healing methods for over 20 years, my personal research on pharmaceutical injectables started much earlier. By the time Covid was a household name I was already months ahead of others with my knowledge and concerns. From day one, I was reading international medical papers and watching both sides of the pantomime unfold.

The evidence clearly shows that the virus was engineered with Gain of Function, including mechanisms creating an Inflammo Thrombotic Response with mRNA Reverse Transcription into cell DNA, with Prion-like structures present in the virus spike protein. Prion-like domains are critical to SARS-CoV-2 virulence, and prions are associated with neuromuscular movement disorders. (If you want to view the technical data, I have found this to be one of the most comprehensive library of resources).

Despite the information I shared in the early months of 2020, many people I know still got one or more of the injections by force or choice; most as a means of keeping their jobs or enjoying their morning social latte’s. Nearly everyone I know got Covid regardless. Some got it real bad, and many got it more than once. After one or more injections, several folks I knew had heart attacks. Some recovered and sadly, some didn’t. Many developed neurological complications, and a large number of my friends now have cancer.

The stress and uncertainly of what we have experienced has taken a huge toll on all of us. I’ve noticed that many seemingly unscathed now have a grey tinge to their skin, a reoccurring dry-cough, and are experiencing regular flu-like symptoms that just don’t seem to go away. I’ve also noticed these same folks now get tired quickly after performing light physical activity.

Working to rebuild and repair healthy nerve activity and muscular response function is something that must become the number one priority now for every person who has experienced Covid or participated in what we are now being told is the largest medical trial in human history. Focusing on restoring and retaining good health is not an option, but a necessity. And that’s where I believe I can help.

My FutureGym fitness formula, when practiced correctly, works at a very deep multi-layered neuromusculoskeletal level, addressing the brain, muscles and skeleton all at the exact same time. My program is designed to improve lung capacity, oxygen intake and blood flow, and reduce physical and mental stress and tension whilst strengthening the heart and lungs, restoring optimal physical condition and performance. My exercises are extremely gentle and easy to practice by people of all ages and physical conditions. Stimulation is achieved through stationary positions so the exercise can never be taxing on the body. This makes FutureGym exercise perfect for recovery. As a bonus, a number of the positions can be practiced on the couch or in bed.

By engaging the complete muscular system from the inside out in all three dimensions, you will learn how to stimulate blood flow and reprogram your brain-nerve-muscle response activity to restore natural automated ON/OFF nerve and muscle functional pathways through repetitive practice. You’ll be effectively training new nerve and muscle behavioural patterns and restoring function whilst expanding and strengthening your lung capacity, improving your circulation, and increasing neurotransmitter production to make you feel good about life again. And we sure all need that!

If you’ve experienced Covid, or had Covid injectables, this might just be the program that helps you to turn your life around. Start by reading my client testimonials to see if anything there resonates with you.

What makes me so confident that my program should make a difference? I’ve watched many videos of people suffering with neurological complications and muscle spasms after Covid injectables. The simple act of the spasm easing off when the knees are bent into the chest tells me exactly where the problem is stemming from. And its an area that I’ve been helping people with for twenty years, long before Covid. Will FutureGym exercise make a difference to the quality of your life if you have nerve damage and are experiencing spasms ? Together, we can but try!

I am 100% committed to helping those who are genuinely interested in identifying if they can restore pre-Covid function, or avoid the health complications that many others are experiencing after their vaccines.

Depending on your location, you’ll have an option to work with me directly (in-person or online), or to learn and practice my formula by purchasing the eBooks that I have uploaded into my FutureGym SHOP.  Those local in my area will have an option to purchase my hardcopy books from me.

If you have not yet fully recovered after Covid, or you are experiencing side effects following a Covid injectable, I’m confident you will get at least one or more positive results from my program.


Philippa Coory
FutureGym Scientific Fitness and Rehabilitation