Exercise that Transforms YOU – RESULTS you can rely on!


  1. Improve control of the accuracy, speed, and reliability of your physical improvements.
  2. Lift, shape, tone and sculpt your body quickly without the need to alter your diet.
  3. Realign your skeleton, rebalance your complete muscular system, and improve your posture and movement behaviour.
  4. End back, neck, shoulder and hip pain (and other muscular pain).
  5. Increase the space between your vertebrae, and in your hip and shoulder sockets to improve your freedom of movement, range of motion, agility and mobility.
  6. Improve muscle elasticity, strength, conditioning and function. That’s right! Motor-coordination and automatic muscle response behaviour is improved (This is absolutely essential following an injury).
  7. Improve muscle performance, including balance, stability, coordination and reaction speed.
  8. Develop smoother acceleration into movement. (This is of huge interest to sports people).
  9. Strengthen joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.
  10. Stimulate internal organs.
  11. Stimulate nerves, right through to nerve endings.
  12. Improve use of oxygen, breathing and cardiovascular ability and lung capacity
  13. Improve circulation, blood flow and red blood cell production.
  14. Improve skin tone and reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  15. Reduce mental and physical fatigue, reduce or eliminates feelings of anxiety and stress, and improve physical and mental relaxation (including sleep).
  16. Improve mental clarity and enhance overall productivity.
  17. Strengthen the pelvic floor which eliminates, reduces or prevents incontinence.
  18. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  19. Increase sexual stimulation and improve orgasm ability.

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As Asia Pacific’s FIRST Internationally Certified Callanetics Teacher, I very much look forward to coaching you.