Philippa (Pip) Coory, FutureGym Asia Pacific

In 2000, I certified in the USA as Asia Pacific’s first Callanetics Teacher, and returned to Sydney and opened Australia’s first Callanetics Studio ‘Callanetics Australia’.

In 2001, I returned to the USA and certified in two additional Callanetics Teacher certifications: New Callanetics and Cardio Callanetics. These programmes ‘combined’ gave me a large selection of exercise positions and showed me that further development was possible. I had a taste for isometric conditioning, a large portfolio of positions, and a developing interest in biomechanics which led me to continue my studies in posture and human movement.

It was no longer about following anyone’s routine at this point. It was about using the technology that I had learnt (and further developed) to extend and develop even further. The 5000+ people I had personally coached by this stage were not arriving at my studio with body shapes typical of the nineteen seventies when Callanetics was first introduced so modifications were necessary and the design of program enhancements and extending into deeper fields of neromusculoskeletal corrective therapy was a natural progression.

By 2003, my exercise instruction and positions had enhanced so dramatically that I repackaged and renamed my programme and teaching method as ‘FutureGym’. My message being that ‘your body is your future gym – it has everything you need’.

Meeting market demand was a challenge, especially when my personal teaching was the product. With demands coming in from all areas internationally by this stage as more and more people learnt about my programme and the results it was delivering, I published two books: a body sculpting programme, and a programme to help people to end back pain. Both designed as ‘do it yourself (DIY) in home’ programmes. These books are available in both electronic and hardcopy format and can be purchased on this website.

After 16 years of teaching, I still deliver personal coaching sessions on the Gold Coast of Australia where I now live, and I take on new clients when I have time slots available.

I will personally practice FutureGym for the rest of my life. I have had an amazing journey and I am still going strong, ticking off the centuries and remaining agile and pain free which surely must be what most people are looking for. God knows that rest homes are hell for elderly who have no mobility.

The good news is, it’s never too late to learn FutureGym. My oldest client was 92 years, and my youngest was 8. I have taught my formula to a large number of individuals all over the globe, many of whom traveled to attend my studio classes in Sydney and Christchurch.  I have also coached my formula to rugby teams and worked with ballet institutions and school sports teams – each seeking and achieving fast improvement and strong performance enhancements.

Expect all of what I have listed below and more! You won’t be disappointed. But don’t just take my word for it. Read the Feedback Page on this website to learn about how effective my programme really is.

Helping people to exceed their expectation is where my passion begins. Everything here can be yours from my programme following practice:

  • Realignment of all bones and joints into their optimal position, resetting new resting points in the deep musculature skeleton
  • Increased muscle tone, elasticity and endurance
  • Improved circulation, peripheral blood-flow and stamina
  • Improved motor-coordination and movement accuracy and reaction speed
  • Improved blood lactic-acid threshold
  • Strengthened joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments
  • Improved strength and conditioning
  • Increased weight-bearing bone density
  • Improved range of motion and freedom of movement
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Reduced injuries
  • Faster recovery after injury
  • Faster physical conditioning without the need to alter your diet
  • Reduced muscular pain
  • Internal organ stimulation
  • Nerve and nerve ending stimulation and signal response reprogramming
  • Improved use of oxygen, improved breathing and cardiovascular ability and lung capacity
  • Improved circulation, blood flow and red blood cell production
  • Improved skin tone and reduced appearance of cellulite
  • Reduced mental and physical fatigue, reduced or eliminated feelings of anxiety and stress, and improved physical and mental relaxation (including improved sleep)
  • Improved mental clarity and enhanced overall productivity
  • Strengthened pelvic floor muscles and the reduction or elimination of incontinence
  • Reduced risk of prostate cancer
  • Increased sexual stimulation and orgasm ability

My FutureGym programme is driving the future of fitness!
Allow me to show you just how good it is.

Philippa (Pip) Coory

FutureGym Asia Pacific